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Building Your Brand

It's more than just a logo


It’s a full time job. Small business is often tempted to do it all themselves, but this usually results in a homespun look that does your business a disservice. 

Let Origin help you build your foundation: we’ll create a professional brand for you and then give you as many DIY tools as we can to help you help yourself.

And yes you can update content on your website, but let us build it and maintain it for you (or with you!)


Shilo Cameron

Owner & Acupuncturist / Balanced Health Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic

Thank you for your amazing ability to capture everything that has to do with my business and my mission, you take what is in my head and heart and turn it into something concrete, something magnificent!

You are changing your life

your business. your way of thinking. your way of doing.

Your way of being. It’s time. You know it. So where do you begin?

With a conversation. Tell us what you do and we’ll help you find the words and images to make it happen.

Brand building is essentially assembling your own unique tool box – filled with professional communication tools – so that you come prepared to your ideal marketplace.