What does Surface mean to you? To the world at the moment? A medium. A platform. Or Exteriority. Superficiality. Complacency in the face of the mounds of electronic waste we first worlders all continue to produce. Surface is Microsoft's volley, expected and in hand with Windows 8, their latest operating system gyration

Give me a well-written article or literate software documentation over a video tutorial any day. Video is powerful, yes. But when it comes to conveying the inner workings of a programmer's mind, it seems to me an excuse for poor articulation. Showing a series of mouse clicks

I generally work on an uber light silver sliver: I love the MacBook Air's near ethereality. I feel that I can say this without excessive Apple prejudice or designer vanity, having worked most of my independent professional life on a souped up Dell Inspiron. The Dell is now a second modest hard drive - a crazy heavy,