Freedom from travail

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Freedom from travail

On the bottom of all Origin invoices is a quote from Kahlil Gibran “Work is love made visible”. Why? It’s a public reminder that when we do what we love, we are free from the onerous. All monied work has aspects of drudgery but when we find our rhythm, even the mundane tasks involved in running a business can be accomplished with ease.

A large part of my work involves listening to people’s dreams and helping actualize said dreams. “Business development” is a fancy word for mentoring or coaching people in seizing their day and their destiny. My role as an advocate is soft; the results are concrete. Through conversation and ongoing dialogue over weeks and months, my clients emerge with a clear business proposition, plan of action and brand tools to support their dream – a universal dream of being able to do what you love (and the rest will follow).

If you do a quick Google on the “Do what you love” maxim, you’ll find a lot of naysayers. One more prominent posting suggested following your skills was far more lucrative – well I think we often enjoy what we are good at. There is a way to make money doing anything – find the way. Think of all the quirky niche products that have generated millions and know that the people behind them followed a passion, and developed their skills doing so.

The creation of a brand is much more than a logo – it is a system of language and professional presentation that engenders a sense of ownership, uniqueness, personal achievement to what was initially “only an idea”. A brand provides a system, a structure for presenting your business as an authentic entity that provides a product or service as well as a viable fiscal presence.