Groundfloor Coworking

Groundfloor Coworking

Grand opening of the Groundfloor Cowork in Cranbrook yesterday (April 5 2018)! This was doubly gratifying for me as project is a venture of Community Futures East Kootenay, of which I’m a board member. And with designer hat on, yesterday was a tangible culmination of many months of work developing the Groundfloor brand. Hundreds of concepts ended up on the floor, until the team agreed on the current logo very much in keeping with enterprise name and an echo of the focal feature in this incredibly modern yet warm coworking space

The Groundfloor is truly a feather in the cap for Cranbrook – a real slice of big city in the Kootenays. The space is open and inviting, with many industrial touches and plenty of clever spaces that invite creativity. Community Futures has permanent offices in the building. Other independent office spaces are rented out. And memberships are available for the open concept work areas. There are communal areas and private meeting spaces available for booking. Central reception. Perfect for working nomads young and old, and for those looking to graduate from their home offices.

I had the opportunity to work closely with interior designer Danielle Pearson to ensure the symbiotic relationship of design elements, tangible and graphic. We stood together with engineer Doug Vanhooren, Sean, Keri & Layla (Community Futures), Jim (Sundock Interactive) in the gutted building pre renovation, mulling over fabrics, colour, lighting, texture and how all related to space and the evocation of the brand.

Tanya Malcolm is the powerhouse in-house marketing guru for Groundfloor – she pulled off a feat of an opening with lots of press and positive promo. And CFEK’s general manager Sean Campbell was in fine form as he introduced the space (his vision propelled the project indefatigably) and thanked the large team of local talent that made the space and the venture a reality.

Professional photos here by Frida (clean interior shots!) Website by Sundock Interactive.