About This Project

Origin’s in the thick of the busy season, as the entire valley gears up for May long. So I’ll be brief: a new adventure and new look comes to Winderberry with the launch of Edibles Farm + Café + Catering. The wonderful women of Winderberry came to discuss in mid February. We put our heads together to establish a name that brought in Edible Acres (the farm/CSA) as well as their new enterprise. Then we rolled up our sleeves to imagine a logo that could partner elegantly with Winderberry’s brand while clearly being a farm-to-table initiative. Back and forth we went so that the entire Edibles-Winderberry working family was involved and invested in the discussion. From bowl and “e” handle to edible flower to sun plate and spoon – the graphic evolution was beautiful, set free for the perfect amount of time and reigned in as the season (spring!) pressed upon us.


We arrived at an earthy graphic composite sweeping together earth, field, sun, spoon for a warm representation of the farm, food and people that are Edibles and Winderberry entwined. This extended family of growers and local food advocates continually steps up and helps our valley community live healthier lives by providing us with access to fresh organic food from the field and now “simple, fresh, feel-good food” prepared at the Edibles Café at Winderberry Nursery in Windermere. Read more from the source.

Brand Design Excellence