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  • Website – coaching & technical advisement

The Groundswell Creation Story

The roots of Groundswell Network Society (formerly known as CVBG & CSL) are in the earth – growing and harvesting in a sustainable way. Appreciation of bio-diversity and the power of people are recurrent themes in everything Groundswell has accomplished to date.


With a re-organization comes the need for redefinition, optimism and looking to the future. The organization’s new name “Groundswell” is simple in its two syllable evocation, yet conveys notions of power and pride. It evinces belief in the organization’s core pursuit, elucidated through many long strategy meetings: “To promotes sustainability in the Columbia Valley by fostering innovative projects that encourage health — for people, the environment and the economy.”


The logo is bursting with life and energy. Movement begins on the ground and burgeons up into a ball. This orb is outlined with the suggestion of a spiral and is full of life; it represents the community and the sun.


The arms of the logo support the orb, just as growing living things, harvesting locally and supporting renewable energy sustain and enrich our lives. The hint of a spiral around the orb suggests that there is no beginning or end in the quest for sustainability. The spiral is a well-recognized symbol of spiritual journey and growth in many cultures.


Colours flow into each other – greens are prominent through the support veins to symbolize growth and all green living things. Orange and yellow symbolize sunlight, blooming and energy.


The font is deliberately playful. Readability is second to promoting a new image – a renewed identity. It pronounces Groundswell an organization still growing and willing to take itself less seriously, leaving behind the heavy acronym and old associations in favour of becoming constant leaders in the quest for sustainability in our community.


The logo and its implementation will solidify with use. The graphic itself can occur with or without logotype over time, as recognition of the symbol grows.
The graphic itself was first conceived in charcoal, selected from a multitude of sketches and honed through marker pen and subsequent digitization. The colour was brought in to the graphic through a pastel underlay.