Sarah Bennett

…is fascinated by design and comfortable with software of all kinds. She promotes a blended approach to communications where design flows out of content and content evolves with design. She has directed the development and growth of Origin Brand, a company dedicated to the intelligent development of evocative company and organizational brands.


Over the years, Sarah has managed accounts, campaigns, events, brand roll-outs. She has initiated process improvement for the refinement of communication and proposal production. Her advanced writing and editing proficiency has been exercised through the creation of presentations, proposals, technical white papers, web content, marketing collateral. Sarah’s design expertise burgeoned through the study of design, website and collateral development, her own insight to usability and intuitive sense of elegance.


Sarah specializes in the design and project-management of integrated multi-component brand promotion projects. She has established fluid project teams of independent consultants expertin marketing, programming and design. Sarah manages concurrent deadlines with ease, having experience with over 150 clients and multiple projects per client per year.


Clients range from community and sustainability-focused organizations, to restaurants, resorts and real estate development companies. Design projects may include identity or marketing components or entire brand development for print and web. Sarah has developed marketing materials for events, company launches, corporate branding. Sarah handles all print and web design and transitions between the two media with ease. She combines an artistic bent with technical saavy. Sarah advocates a creative, collaborative and conscious approach to all endeavours.