What does Surface mean to you? To the world at the moment?

A medium. A platform. Or Exteriority. Superficiality. Complacency in the face of the mounds of electronic waste we first worlders all continue to produce.

Surface is Microsoft’s volley, expected and in hand with Windows 8, their latest operating system gyration rocking the nation. If you find technology a fascinating feat, something that increases your “productivity” and continues “moving you forward”, you’re smitten. If you’re initimidated or irritated by the constant and ever increasing rate of techno obsolescence, you’ll have more reason to curse those Redmond villagers.

As a technology trainer currently working with older, less experienced computer users, the advent of Windows 8 and ever expanding tabletization prompts real empathy for my students. And it forces further contemplation of teaching methods; successful training programs must focus on analytic, problem-solving skills and method curiosity over step-by-step rote instruction. It is knowing that there such things as browsers, contextual menus, format tools, alterable personal settings, ever changing applications that is key. How these functions work and where to find them – these are ever changing quantities in the virtual world.

There is little hope for the unmotivated, disintinerested technology user.