The Bakery

The Bakery

Quality Bakery to the Invermere Bakery – Why the name change, after 30 years?

In 2013, Peter decided it was time to reassess the bakery’s “packaging” inside and out. What truly defines The Bakery – its people, products and space?  Through discussions with Sabina Rogers, staff and a local brand expert, it became clear that quality – the artisanal processes that produce such wonderful tasting products – has been the driving force behind the business.

So quality has always been critical to the bakery. It’s inherent in their products and atmosphere. But does the word do justice to the bakery experience they provide? Does the word really mean something to them and to their patrons? Well it turns out most people call them “The Bakery” already. The monicker is clear and simple and exemplifies the welcoming language of small town life. Peter decided to run with the de facto name, adding “Invermere” as a descriptor to ensure the name’s uniqueness.

The downtown experience is critical to our bakery: we provide people with a place to be in charming downtown Invermere, a place to sit and to experience old world sharing. The bakery holds memories for most locals and for so many summer residents and visitors. It’s a haven from city life for out-of-towners, and a place to congregate for moms and kids, students, girlfriends, meetings of the mind.

Our goal in renovating the building and the way we present ourselves has been to fuse the old and the new. We’ve strived for a contemporary look that still conveys warmth, a rich history, artisanal products and a high level of service.

So a simple discussion about pretzels and logo development snowballed into a company- wide renovation for a sweeter, more streamlined space that offers our products in a more appetizing, modern light.

And what about the pretzel?

Well the new logo actually is a pretzel – stylized of course! The bakery brand had changed over the years but has always featured a traditional pretzel and wheat sheaf. The pretzel has been such a prominent motif for us that it even features larger than life on the roof. It seemed necessary to find a way to bring the pretzel with us as we updated. So the swirl you see on our windows and packaging honours the pretzel and our fusion of old and new worlds.


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